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TROFIE AL PESTO: get the ingredients and cook with me!

The more famous Ligurian dish: TROFIE AL PESTO.

My favourite food when I was a child. I remember ordering Trofie al Pesto every time when I was at the restaurants, and I ate this dish almost every Sunday lunch (usually I switched between trofie al pesto and ravioli al sugo, both rigorously cooked by my granny).

So today I've decided to cook with you my comfort food par excellence. Ready? Get the ingredients and cook with me!


- Trofie al Pesto (250 gr) for 2 people

- Pesto Genovese DOP (If you like to try to make pesto on your own, have a look at this video)

- 1 little spoon of Extra virgin olive oil

- Parmesan Cheese

- potatoes and green beans (for the traditional version)

---> If you are looking for the right ingredients have a look at our Nessun Dorma Box (shipping cost included; delivering to your home in few days).


- Put the water in a large pan and let it boil

- then add the coarse salt (a little spoon is enough because pesto sauce is already salty)

- put the trofie when the water boils and cook the pasta for about 20 minutes

- then drain the trofie keeping a little bit of cooking water