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  • This wine express in a bottle all the characteristics of Cinque Terre: the salinity of the sea, the aromas of the mediterranean scrub and the warm sun that let ripe the fruits.


    This wine is made for Nessun Dorma by Cantina Sociale 5 Terre. 

    The Cantina has a single and constant aim: to unleash all of the flavours and all of the splendour of the Cinque Terre from the incredibly limited yield of these vineyards.


    To produce this wine the harvest is hand made and after a maceration of the skins on the must, the fermentation is carried out "en blanc" and at a controlled temperature with subsequent resting on the fine lees for at least 5 months. As the vinification, also maturation takes place in steel.



    GRAPES: Bosco min 60%, Albarola and Vermentino

    COLOUR & BOUQUET: Beautiful intense straw yellow colour with rapid gold-green reflections, crystalline and of good consistency. It has strong and persistent aromas of good finesse and elegance with clear scents of wild flowers, broom, honey and lighter notes of citrus fruits to the nose.

    TASTE: It is dry and warm to the palate, with fresh and savoury notes in substantial balance, long and persistent finish with good taste-olfactory correspondence.

    FOOD PAIRINGS: It is' the best with seafood dish or pasta.

    ALCOHOL: 13 % vol. - NOT contain sorbates.

    YEAR: 2021

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    Credits: Cantina Sociale 5 Terre

    Cinque Terre Doc - Nessun Dorma Edition

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