ARe you in Cinque terre and you like wine?

In our Cantina you can talk, drink and taste our wine experience.


 6-8 people per time, that's it

                                   Be part of our aperitivO

There are no teachers here

We are only WinE LOverS

We found some good wine and we want to share with you!

Maybe a glass of Prosecco, our Cinque Terre white or a super tuscan red whine. 


4 wines, from North to South Italy, fresh food combinations


details of the experience:







Check in from 17:00 at Nessun dorma Cantina 

introducing the italian wine heritage and the history 

4 half portions of wine: Prosecco, White wine, red wine, sciacchetra

discovering together the flavor of each wine and the caratheristics

eat local and selected food

fun and relax

Price: 50 euro p.p.

This experience is based at the "CANTINA Nessun Dorma" located in Manarola. If you arrive by train, at the end of the tunnel turn right and go up until you reach the church. From the church keep going up until you see the door of the Cantina.