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The 2022 season has been amazing!

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

We didn't expect this success this year:)

We felt love and surrounded by guests yearning to know us, eat and drink in our beautiful terrace, get dirty making the real pesto and willing to discover more about the local wine walking in the vineyards and tasting many wines...

But it's better that we go by order :)

First of all in May we launched OFFICINA 231, a boutique shop in the main street of Manarola, where our guests were finally able to buy our products to bring back home, realised in partnership with local producers: pesto, pasta, evo olive oil, fresh vegetables in olive oil, jams, but also gadgets as the Nessun Dorma T-shirts, aprons and bags. A small section of the shop is dedicated to the Ligurian art with the Nessun Dorma paintings realised by the artist Francesco Musante.

We were almost forgetting to describe the "food to go" part of Officina!

Because before buying something it's important to try it first, right? :)

So a deli counter in which we stuff your "PANINO" with the best products...if you like pesto we can make a panino only pesto! We try to realise your dream, always :) To better enjoy the meal, the pairing with the refreshing Nessun Dorma beer is necessary.

The highlight? The glass floor, which reveals the "caveau", we call it that, full of wine!

An other incredible surprise of this year was the WINE ROUTE AND TASTING EXPERIENCE!

It's the first year, since we launched it (we launched in 2020 summer, not a great period to start something!) that we welcomed almost 500 guests! :) This is a great result for us, especially for Sara, the host of the experience. She was so enthusiast to bring her guests everyday in the vineyards right above the Manarola sea and village and to show them the wine growing techniques in Cinque Terre, the grapes, the dry-stones walls, the landscape... and of course to describe while tasting the local wines, included the precious SCIACCHETRA'.

You can ask Sara as many questions you want (related to wine or not) and she'll be very happy to answer them (she love answering and share what she learnt and what she is learning).

If you like to leave a review or read some of them have a look here and here.

The PESTO EXPERIENCE, well what we can say...the success is increasing year after year!

In 2022 we received more than 5.000 bookings, yes you read correctly, MORE THAN 5.000 BOOKINGS! This is unbelievable for us! Simone did a great job, motivating every morning his guests to produce the best pesto of their life, guiding them in the selection of the fresh ingredients and showing them how to press correctly the pestle in the mortar to the sound of "GO GO GO". Tips and suggestions are not missing of course...and also a tasty lunch with fresh wine in front of the best view of Manarola.

There will be important news at the beginning of the new year but we don't want to spoiler to much! Keep following us on our social: @nessundormacinqueterre @nessundormacantina @nessundormaofficina231

Thank you to all of you that spent time with us and come back more than one times to live our experiences. Our heart is full of joy and our body is ready to start again with much more enthusiasm and passion. See you soon! :)

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1 Comment

Lindsay Wallace
Lindsay Wallace
Nov 21, 2022

Was our May 21 Pesto experience class still the largest ever or did we get surpassed later in the summer??? 😏

Lindsay and Phyllis

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