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Sciacchetrà: what you need to know before tasting it!

Some important information we suggest to know before trying it for the first time!

1) Sciacchetrà is the most important wine of Cinque Terre. It has been produced since Middle Ages and in the past was used as a bargaining chip. (For this reason we have dressed in gold our Sciacchetrà).

2) Sciacchetrà is a WHITE passito wine (sweet/dessert wine). A blend of Bosco grapes (90%), Albarola and Vermentino grapes (10%). Its method remained the same through the years, transmitted from father to son for generations.

3) It is expensive because is expensive the way to produce it! Only MANUAL WORK, a lot of patience and experience; moreover is not produced every year but only when the harvest is really good and abundant. Manual selection of the best grapes, manual carriage of the grapes to the wine cellar, manual hanging up of the grapes on the ceiling and regular checks on the status of drying.

4) Sciacchetrà need to stay for at least 18 months inside the barrel and only after this period can be bottled.

5) Sciacchetrà is a very long lasting wine (you can store it for more than 20 years). The wine for special occasions!

6) According to the Cinque Terre tradition the Sciacchetrà wine was gifted to the new born and then opened when the baby reached the age of majority or for his/her wedding.

7) If you have already opened a bottle of Sciacchetrà (and you have not finished it yet) you can finish it within two months from the opening day.

8) Sciacchetrà gives is best paired with dry patisserie or goat cheese, dry fruits.

9) Sciacchetrà need to be served at 12-14 °C (you don't have to keep it in the fridge but your cellar will be totally fine!)

10) Close your eyes, make a wish and sip it!

Would you like to discover the tasting note of the Sciacchetrà?

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