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What's new on our store?

After receiving a lot of emails and messages from our guests we finally made available on our online store the Nessun Dorma T-shirt! :)

This is our main uniform that we use when we work and it makes our guests curious to discover who is the man designed on it.

Do you know who he is? No it's not me, Simone. Even if when I let my beard and hair grown I could be him 😂

The big face designed on the T-Shirt is..... Luciano Pavarotti, the greatest Italian tenor, sketched by me. As you probably know I am a super fan of Pavarotti; in fact I have dedicated my place (The Nessun Dorma Bar and Cantina) to one of the aria best performed by him: "Nessun Dorma" (the final act of Puccini's Turandot opera).

The Nessun Dorma T-shirt is made in partnership with a great Italian brand: Kappa, specialised in casual and sport apparel. The T-shirt is made with 100% cotton, fresh and gentle on the skin.

You can wear the Nessun Dorma T-shirt in the summer time or in the winter time under a pullover or as a pyjamas. Or you can also hung it on the wall as a nice memory of your visit at Nessun Dorma. A piece of us with you!

Not only T-shirts!

On our online store you can find from now a new category "APPAREL".

In addition to the T-shirt you can purchase also the Nessun Dorma sweatshirt and K-way!

The T-shirt, sweatshirt and K-way available are made in collaboration with the Italian Brand Kappa.

To help you in the selection of the best of our products we have included in the Nessun Dorma - Memories Box the possibility to add to the 2 wines and the 8 food products (chosen by you) the Nessun Dorma T-Shirt.

A concentration of the best Nessun Dorma goods!

The best is yet to come

Now you have just to click, unpack the box, wear the T-shirt and take a selfie! :)

Don't forget to tag us @nessundormacinqueterre and @nessundormacantina or to send to us your photos via email at

We want to see you happy! ☺️

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