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Thank you Nessun Dorma Lovers

Updated: Dec 2, 2020


How are you doing?

First of all we want to say THANK YOU ❤ for your precious support and love you showed us in the past months. This year has been a tough year in which each of us has been tested. But, as it is told, together we are stronger and we can go on.

This summer we have succeed in our experiences (Pesto e Wine Experience), welcoming more than 1.000 people from Italy and Europe, eager to learn how to prepare the traditional pesto or to discover the real work behind a bottle of Cinque Terre doc wine. We have also increased the online selling, shipping more than 700 bottles of Cinque Terre wines worldwide!

We closed the Nessun Dorma and the Cantina three weeks ago and we don't really know when we'll be able to welcome all of you again. We are writing this post because the forecast for the next months are not planning sun but rather unstable weather with sudden changes. So, we really would like to KEEP IN TOUCH with you. Since we have opened in 2014, our idea has always been to make people feel better: good food, local wine, smiles and a magic view! Now that we are closed we would like to keep be there for you, carrying in your daily life a little bit of positive vibes.

We are here to HEAR YOU! How are you? What is your mood? Share with us anything is in your head if this can help you to feel better. Treat us as your best Italian friend ;) Photos, memories of Nessun Dorma and Italy, your first time you had "pasta al pesto"...Everything! And if you have time we can make a phone call on Zoom. If your story really catch us we'll be very happy to GIFT YOU our personalised postcards of Manarola. Go wild! :)

In the meantime we are thinking to propose again the Nessun Dorma BOX with some new additions. For example the thematic box “Nessun Dorma Christmas”. Three wines (sparkling, white and Sciacchetrà) that perfectly match with our food proposal for preparing your Christmas meal with a piece of Nessun Dorma and Italy flavours. Does that sound good? :)

We are always opened to any idea or suggestion.

We can keep in touch where you prefer: by email, by DM, on our socials. Don’t forget to follow or to tag us @nessundormacinqueterre / @nessundormacantina.

A big hug ❤

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