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Postcard from Nessun Dorma with Love

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Ciao Lovers,

How are you? This year has been a tough year for everyone (and unfortunately it is not finished yet!). First of all we want to say thank you for your great support and love showed us in the last months. Thanks to you we were able to "face up to the storm and remain afloat".

So, again, thank you ❤

We are writing this post because finally we are able to realise an idea that has been in our head since a while. A little gift to show our love for you and a way to keep us closer. A postcard of Manarola, personalised Nessun Dorma, created by the amazing local artists Charlottelebleu and Manubi_Manarola, sent directly to your home.


Surprise us! :)

Write down everything that goes through your head. This moment is a unique event and we have to do something to face it and go further. Write about Manarola, Cinque Terre, bruschette with pesto and good wine; about the Cinque Terre paths under the hot sun of August or ...what you want. Amaze us with your memories! Don't just say "we spent an amazing time..."

We'd love to read stories full of creativity, authenticity and spontaneity.


Send us your story on our social profiles (Facebook, Instagram), tag us or send us an email. Use the channel you prefer most. We are going to read every single story and to publish anonymously the best ones. We'll let you know when the time is over.



Follow us on our social @nessundormacinqueterre and @nessundormacantina.

Tag us or send us an email at

We can't wait to read you all!

Good Luck ;)

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