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New Year's Eve: How to spark with the right bubbles

Finally we are approaching the end of this awful year!

And we need the right bubbles to welcome the New Year with joy and hope.

So... below a list of our favourite Sparkling Wines to drink on New Year's Eve.


1. Dom Perignon

A classic, perfect in every occasion. Dom Perignon is always a blend of pinot noir e chardonnay, vintage only (all the grapes come from the same harvest). For example the 1961 vintage was served during the wedding of Carlo and Diana Spencer.

2. Bollinger

It's still recognised as the Champagne of 007! A robust Champagne result of a higher percentage of Pinot noir in the blend, vinificated in barrels and aged for a long period in the cellar.

3. Krug

A Champagne born from a German immigrant, Johann-Joseph Krug, moved in France to establish is own Maison. Krug Champagne is different from others for its wide aroma result of the rich blend of 140 wines coming from 13 different harvests.

Italian Sparkling Wine:

1. Cuvée Anna Maria Clementi - Ca' del Bosco 2007

The history of Ca 'del Bosco winery began in the mid sixties, when Annamaria Clementi Zanella bought in Erbusco, in Franciacorta (North Italy) a small country house, called "Ca' del bosc". Today, Ca &#