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What’s new in our Cantina?

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

The first year of our Cantina has passed very quickly:


more wines

more guests and


Let’s have a look on what our GUESTS WROTE about us! :)

John : “Great little hidden treasure. A good selection of local and regional wines. The host SARA is a marvel, helping select good wines to suit our taste and being a local very knowledgeable about the area…Do make the effort to visit the CANTINA, cheers!

Clemson: “If you are looking for an unforgettable pre-dinner experience I highly recommend signing up for Nessun Dorma's wine tasting experience which lies in the heart of Manarola, by the church. Nessun Dorma is not just an unbelievable sea side restaurant it also has a quaint delightful WARM LOCATION at the top of the town…Her stories intertwine perfectly in between opening the next bottle and matching the wine with small very tasty appetizers. Sara knows her wines well and was easily able to relate notes and flavors to other well known Italian wines as well as French and American. Don't think twice about booking this, JUST DO IT!

Daniel :We've been to the wine tasting as well for a short stop during the day. Thank you very much for the brief history lesson about the 5 Terre and the whole other stuff we talked about. It was a pleasure and we recommend a stop or a wine tasting as a must when you go to Manarola. Support the local!

Ginnytemp: “This was one of our best stops in Cinque Terre. IF YOU LIKE WINE, THIS IS THE STOP FOR YOU. Sara is terrific. She really knows wine and is delightful. You won't regret stopping here!

Melanie: “Cantina Nessun Dorma is the perfect venue for an afternoon or evening wine. I thoroughly enjoyed the wine tasting with Sara. Super informative and excellent wines. SARA WAS ENTHUSIASTIC; PASSIONATE; KNOWLEDGEABLE -

she is exceptional at what she does”.

Su: “A MUST GO when you visit Manarola! It's a bit hidden up the hill on the right. Make the effort. Sara is super friendly and very savvy about wine. A GREAT EXPERIENCE!”

Stephanie: I adored wine tasting Cinque Terre’s finest with Sara. She is a wonderful story teller with contagious enthusiasm. Her knowledge & openness to my curiosities impressed me. The wines were delightfully paired & I felt like the value I received more than matched the price. The setting is quaint, lovely, & tucked back from the crowds. WOULD DO AGAIN !”

What are you waiting for ?!? Come to visit us !!!

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