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The Cinque Terre DOC wine Nessun Dorma Limited Edition

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

A SIP of Cinque Terre in your glass.

We are very proud of this wine! Last year we partnered with the Cooperativa Sociale Cinque Terre to make this wine that expresses in the best way all the characteristics of the Cinque Terre wine:

  • bright straw yellow with golden hues

  • fresh aromas of peach and green apple with mineral notes

  • medium body, dry with a quite long finish

If you close your eyes while drinking it you can easy imagine to be on a balcony overlooking Cinque Terre and the sea.

The grapes of Bosco (70%), Albarola (20%) and Vermentino (10%) ripe in the well exposed steep terraces overlooking the sea; then they are hand made harvested in the first half of September. Then the boxes full of grapes are transported down to the road using the monorail (a sort of roller coaster less scaring). Finally the grapes arrive in the winery where they are pressed (a machine separate immediately the must from the solid part of the grapes). After 6 months inside a steel barrel the wine is bottled and distributed in the LOCAL wine shops, bars and restaurants.

The Nessun Dorma limited edition wine is perfect for the "aperitivo" time (we are Italian and we always find a good excuse to drink or eat) or to pair it with a seafood pasta.

This wine, as all the other Cinque terre wines, is not good for aging, so you don't have to find a good pretext to open the bottle and enjoy it! ;)

What are you waiting for? You can easily SHOP it online at the Nessun Dorma STORE.

Click and sip !

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