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Nessun Dorma CANTINA

Updated: Dec 2, 2020


This is our new project and today we start talking about wine.

You know our place, you know our food and our passion for the Italian heritage.

We love pesto, we love to meet people every day and share our experience.

But now it's the moment of WINE. We are proud of our wines selection. We like to suggest to our guests the best typology of wine according to their needs and personal taste. When people want to know more about wine we are super happy!

This is not just a drink!

This is an HARD WORK in a glass.

Every year we made the grape harvest in Cinque Terre and you can't imagine how hard and difficult is to make wine here.

So what bring people on the top of the hill to pick the grapes, work hard for 1 year and make just a limited bottle of wine?

The same PASSION that we have for our work,

the passion for our TERRITORY.

Tell us your passion, we can talk here every afternoon during our wine experience.

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