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Cinque Terre WINE: what you still don't know

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Cinque Terre are famous all over the world for its colourful houses, the steep terraces over the sea, the narrow streets and the breathtaking nature.

But how many of you know the AGRICULTURAL aspect of Cinque Terre?

Well, Cinque Terre couldn't exist without the hard work done by our ancestors; farmers and winemakers that year after year built this incredible landscape. And of course this important task is still carried on by the actual wine producers with passione and perseverance.

If you are in Cinque Terre, believe me, you can't miss a VISIT IN THE VINEYARD! This is the most important and authentic part of Cinque Terre, the green heart that deserve to be discovered and known.

For this reason we have decided to launch a NEW experience related to local wine: WINE ROUTE & TASTING IN MANAROLA.

A journey through Cinque Terre wines, starting from a short WALK IN THE VINEYARDS above Manarola village. Depending on the season the colours of leaves change as well as the work of the wine producer:

- gold yellow in autumn, green in spring and summer time

- time to pruning in January/February and time to harvest in September

There, in the vineyards suspended between the sky and the sea, the MEETING with a local WINE PRODUCER will enhance our visit. A unique opportunity to learn more about the local grape varieties (and to discover how to distinguish them), the cultivation techniques used and how the dry stone walls are built and maintained.

At the end of the walk - of course - WE DESERVE TO DRINK :)

Time to RELAX and TASTE the local wines in our cozy winery. 3 glasses in total: a white (CINQUE TERRE DOC), a red one produced in the Cinque Terre area and our special sweet wine - SCIACCHETRA'.

Each glass of wine will be followed by the right food pairing:

- white wine with bruschetta bread

- red wine with meat and cheese platter

- Sciacchetrà with biscuits

(I am already hungry!)

During this experience your host will be SARA (yes, me, the writer), a passionate wine lover and expert proudly born in Cinque Terre. She is very friendly (chatty also) and she will be happy to share with you all the information she knows about wine and Cinque Terre.

Are you ready to GO DEEP inside the world of Cinque Terre wines and become a better CONNOISSEUR OF THE TERRITORY?

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