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What you can do in Cinque Terre when summer is over?

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

In this LIST we tell you some good reasons to visit Cinque Terre off the peak vacation period:

1. HIKE – the trails are quieter, less people, less queue, more time for you.

2. Enjoy the real local experiences.

Attending a WINE EXPERIENCE can be a good idea to spend a pleasant afternoon, warm your body up with good wines, laugh and know the inner side of Cinque Terre viticulture – here for having more details

3. Relax at the SUNSET light. Nobody told you how spectacular is the sunset in Autumn?

4. Experience the real local cuisine.

Learning how to make the real PESTO in the old fashioned way can help you to discover more the local traditions – here for more details.

5. Have a view of the NATIVITY SCENE of Manarola – one of the biggest outdoor Nativity scene in Europe. From December 8th to January 6th.

6. HAVE A BREAK from your routine. Spend your day following the slow rhythm of the nature.

Do you think the reasons are good enough to visit us ?

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