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If you can’t visit Cinque Terre, Cinque Terre visit you!

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

As you may already know, during the lockdown, we have thought to do something to keep supporting the fundamental work of local winemakers and other local producers and we came up with the idea of the Nessun Dorma box.

We THANK YOU a lot if you have already supported us!

If you like to purchase again on our shop will be very glad to gift you one of our selected product.

This BOX is not only business for us but it represents much more: it is a way to support the hard work of the local producers and to promote the Cinque Terre heritage. They are not only 5 stunning little villages above the sea but history, food and wine tradition, people, dry stone walls, vertical terraces, grapes, sun and sea…

We want to tell you the story of our beloved territory through its most REPRESENTATIVE products. For this reason we have IMPROVE the box including:

Pesto – the most traditional Ligurian sauce prepared only with selected products: fresh basil leaves, evo oil, pecorino cheese, pine-nuts, garlic and salt. The recipe we still use nowadays was born in the second half of XIX century. But there are testimonies of a similar sauce in the Middle Ages, when Genova was a powerful Maritime Republic.

Curiosity: the word basil comes from Greek and it means “herb for Kings” for its incredible flavour. The basil plants were imported in Europe from India by Alexander, The Great, in 340 bc and it was used for a lot of time as a healing herb and not as ingredient for cook recipes.

Trofie - the traditional pasta of Liguria region. Only water, durum wheat flour and salt. This fresh pasta has a particular strip shape, around 2 cm long, with the extremities thinner than the center perfect to collect well the pesto sauce. Trofie pasta is cooked together the potatoes and the green beans, that help to make this first dish more smooth and creamy.

Curiosity: Trofie was born in the east part of Liguria (Tigullio) as a fresh home made pasta to be eaten during the Sunday Lunch. From this small area they have become soon famous and reproduced in all the Liguria region.

Sun-dried tomatoes - in the local dialect they are called “tomate secche” and they are a traditional recipe of the Ligurian families. This was a way to keep eating tomatoes also in the winter time when there were no fresh tomatoes. Nowadays the sun-dried tomatoes are used as a side dish or to flavour salads, bruschetta, pasta.

Curiosity: In the past the tomatoes were laid on the flat stones that covered the houses’ roofs and let dry under the sun.

Taggiasche Olive – a particular type of olive that only grow in Liguria. Smaller and darker compare to other types and very tasty. This olive takes its name from Taggia, a village in the west part of Liguria, where this variety was spread by the monks in the IX century. The taggiasche olives are perfect as a snack or to add taste to cook recipes. They are also used to make an exceptional extra virgin olive oil.

Curiosity: The taggiasche olives are preserved in brine, a simple combination of water, salt and aromatic herbs, in order to maintain intact their incredible flavour.

Honey – from Cinque Terre. This small farm is located on the hillsides above Manarola village. It is conducted with great passion by Andrea a young local. “The honey of the Cinque Terre is the consequence of a natural and unpolluted environment characterised by the absence of chemical impacts, and it belongs to a natural oasis which has kept its natural features unchanged”. A honey that expresses all the wide flavours of the Mediterranean Scrub.

Curiosity: The honey is collected from spontaneous or cultivated flower species, that are represented by the typical Mediterranean flowers with a high percentage of erica flowers.

Biscuits – These biscuits are perfect to pair with the precious “Sciacchetrà”, as dessert at the end of the meal. Take one biscuit and deep it inside the glass and then bite it. It’s incredibly goody!

Simple recipe for a great taste.

EVO Olive oil - Italy is the second producer of olive oil in the world. Oil production is an ancient art based on love for the land, passion and search for the perfect taste to be paired with each dish. To fully taste its characteristics try the evo oil on a slice of bread. A very healthy and tasty snack!

Curiosity: The extra virgin olive oil is different from the olive oil because it is obtained from the first olives pressing and it contains richer and more selected organoleptic properties. The olives harvest begins in October and it continues until November/December.

Cinque Terre Doc (white wine) - A blend of three local grapes: Bosco, Albarola and Vermentino; hand harvested in September in the vertical terraces, pressed and bottled to let enjoy everyone the unique flavours, aromas and tastes of this land. A product that most represent this unbelievable stunning place. As in the past still nowadays the wine is an artisanal product, no mechanisation from vineyard to winery.

Red Wine - A blend of Sangiovese with other local grapes (as canaiolo). Cinque Terre haven’t become famous for the red wines but still nowadays in the terraces you can distinguish red grapes used to make a light, slightly aromatic table wine. It is as simple as good.

Sciacchetrà Cinque Terre Doc - A thousand-years history passito wine, transmitted from father to son for generations in Cinque Terre. A special wine for special occasion, produced ONLY in Cinque terre (from Monterosso to Riomaggiore). The grapes of Bosco, Albarola and Vermentino are hand harvested and let dry naturally on racks sheltered from the sun for about 2 months. This wine is the highest expression of this territory: incredibly fresh despite of the high percentage of sugar, produced in small quantity and reserved for great unforgettable moments.

Curiosity: the origin of the name Sciacchetrà is not certain. For someone it comes from two dialect words: “Sciacca” and “tra”. Which mean “press” and “remove the grape skins”. According to others it comes from a Hebrew word “shekar” a prestigious drink served only during important ceremonies.

Now, you just have to try everything! :)

We really hope to welcome you soon in our territory and walk together in the discovering of Cinque Terre

Check out the Nessun Dorma box on our STORE!

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