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Celebrate Mother's Day with Nessun Dorma

"La mamma è sempre la mamma"

Do you agree?

Mother's day is a good occasion to thank her with a simple act. With a flower, a cake made by yourself or a dinner cooked at home. Or you can surprise your mother with Cinque Terre wine and food.


Selecting her favourite stuff and including it inside the personalized Nessun Dorma Box. If you are planning your next trip to Cinque Terre you can help her to start dreaming about the destination with the Nessun Dorma Pesto Experience Gift Card.

Read below for more! :)


select what she likes most!

You can choose among 3 different Nessun Dorma Boxes:

  • Manarola Box: Cinque Terre delicacies and 1 white wine

  • Monterosso Box: Cinque Terre delicacies, 2 wines and the Sciacchetrà

  • Nessun Dorma Memories Box: make your selection among 20 artisanal products.

Shipping cost included. We ship in 5/7 days in USA, Canada, Europe and Italy.


with the Nessun Dorma Pesto Experience Gift Card

Are you planning your next trip to Cinque Terre? Do you want to be like a local for one hour? This is one of the most popular thing to do while you are in Cinque Terre.We are proud to share our experience with you, to listen your story and to talk about Italy.​ It's not a normal class, it's a good opportunity to enjoy your life. The Pesto Gift Card includes the Pesto Experience and lunch at the end. The uncontaminated garden, the sea-view, the magic atmosphere will made your day unforgettable. TRY OUR COLLECTION WINES

Two years ago we started our collaboration with Cantina 5 Terre, an historic winery in Manarola. Today we are proud to launch our Collection Wines:

  • Nessun Dorma Cinque Terre Doc wine: fresh, light, perfect every time of the day

  • Nessun Dorma Costa De Campu: a wine produced only with high quality grapes from the sub-zone Costa de Campu, a particularly well-suited area for wine-growing. Perfect with fish plates.

  • Nessun Dorma Sciacchetrà: the local sweet wine for very special occasion. You will be surprised by its incredible taste and flavour.

Try them for yourself! Visit the shop


help her to remember special moment!

The Nessun Dorma T-Shirt is realized in partnership with Kappa, an Italian brand specialized in sport and casual wear. We have few sizes left and we want to gift you the Nessun Dorma T-shirt to help you to remember the nice time spent together here in our place. If you feel inspired, tell us your story, your experience at the Nessun Dorma venue. Write us a DM or an email explaining why you would like to receive the apparel. If you like to discover the story of the face designed on the T-shirt, read this article.

Surprise us!

We only ask to pay the shipping cost.


tagging us!

If you like, take a photo of you and your mother and family while you are enjoying the Nessun Dorma food and wine! We'll be very happy to see your face smiling :) Cheer to you!

Happy Mother's Day!!!

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