Are you ready to learn the ligurian tradition?

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Hello guys,

a big greetings from Manarola!

In this year we had a lot of people and we realized the our passion is really appreciated. It's still not possible to book a table when we are open and this made sad more people.

Our mission is not only about business, our mission is about love and share.


When we opened this place in 2014 we were young. We started like a family, with a family plan and a family work. It's done the difference. Looking this season, people waited for a long time outside to have a table, not only for the view. Our place is located inside a public garden, thousand of people can walk every day across the bar and can enjoy the same view just drinking and eating something from a supermarket. Having this people outside made us very happy and full of love.

Love for this place, love for this guests. Love because every day we can make happy new people, we can talk in the same place with the entire world just speaking in person without any device. No wifi needed, just a lot of passion and free time.


This was another important point of our plan of our dream. It was very easy to open our place like a normal bar/restaurant, just doing food and drink it's was ok. When you have people that spend money to see you country the only important thing to do is share.

Share your house, your tradition, your language, your food and your typical drink. The pesto class has been created for this reason. Started like a normal moment to see how to make the famous ligurian sauce, in this moment is one of the best to do while you are in Cinque Terre.

People that already had the opportunity to spend the morning time here can explain much better than us how you will after. The exclusivity of the place and the small group make the difference and the atmosphere, the sea-view, the food, the wine and the passion of Simone. If you have time just search more infos about him.


New season, same plan.

Another season will start soon and we can't wait! We feel like a tourist that booked a nice trip, a new season it's another nice trip for us.

Today we will talk about the pesto class. Thanks by the opportunities to meet lots of people and share our experience, next here we will do more for our guests...