• Franciacorta is one of the most important wine areas in Lombardia. It’s located in the North-West province of Brescia near the Iseo Lake. The name comes from “franchae curtes”, which indicated the properties of monks, who were free from taxations.


    Vezzoli winery is located in the heart of Franciacorta and for nearly a century the family has taken care of its vineyards, owned from distant generations.


    Satén is a specific type of Classic Method Sparkling Wine, which is produced only in Franciacorta. It is a “Blanc de Blancs”, which means it is made only from Chardonnay and/or with a small part of Pinot Blanc. It features a pressure of the bottle below 5 bars, that makes the wine more silky. In fact the name “Saten” comes from the words “silk” and “smooth”.



    CLASSIFICATION: Franciacorta DOCG – Saten

    GRAPES: Chardonnay 100%

    COLOUR & BOUQUET: delicate straw yellow color, creamy foam, very fine perlage.

    TASTE: creamy with shades of almonds and hazelnuts, pleasantly savory, fresh, harmonious and soft

    FOOD PAIRINGS: ideal as an elegant aperitif with cured meats or fresh cheeses or it can be served all meal

    ALCOHOL: 12,5% vol.


    Best to drink after the purchasing!






    Credits: Ugo Vezzoli website 

    Ugo Vezzoli - Saten