Franciacorta is one of the most important wine areas in Lombardia. It’s located in the North-West province of Brescia near the Iseo Lake. The name comes from “franchae curtes”, which indicated the properties of monks, who were free from taxations.


Vezzoli winery is located in the heart of Franciacorta and for nearly a century the family has taken care of its vineyards, owned from distant generations.


The grapes, harvested and selected manually, are placed in crates and immediately pressed whole in a soft way. The must is fermented at a controlled temperature (15-18 °) with the use of selected yeasts. At the end of winter, the qualities of wine considered most suitable are combined and, after a few days, the refermentation in the bottle is provoked as provided for by the Classic Method, the only one allowed for Franciacorta wines. Absolute rest for at least 24 months in the stack, passage on pupitres for an adequate “tip” phase after which the disgorgement with “liqueur de dosages” is carried out. The different types of Franciacorta are characterized by the different doses of liqueur de dosages added after the degorgement, which gives them their own original and distinctive personalities; Pas dose’ (with residual sugar up to 3 g/l) is the driest in the Franciacorta range.



CLASSIFICATION: Franciacorta DOCG – Pas Dosè

GRAPES: Chardonnay 80%, Pinot Nero 20%

COLOUR & BOUQUET: light straw yellow, abundant froth, very thin and persistent perlage; notes of ripe fruits and light shade of nuts.

TASTE: the freshness is well marked in the palate as the salinity, the body is rich and complete.

FOOD PAIRINGS: the extremely low dosage (percentage of sugar lower than 0.05%) gives a very dry taste, ideal for aperitifs or to accompany appetizers, fish, tasty meat, cold cuts and aged cheeses.

ALCOHOL: 12,5% vol.

YEAR: 2012


Best to drink after the purchasing.





Credits: Ugo Vezzoli website 

Ugo Vezzoli - Pas Dose' 2012