• I Magnati identify a specific area between Manarola and Riomaggiore where are located the fields of Riccardo and Davide, two great friends. The view from there is very breathtaking: you see only the blue of the sea and the green of the vineyards. It seems to float in the sky.


    The Sciacchetrà, the passito wine produced only in Cinque Terre, is the leading product of Davide and Riccardo. Few bottles (only 300), very high quality! Meticulous selection of grapes during the harvest; the grapes dry naturally for one month hung on the ceiling of the cellar; then the grapes are destemmed manually. Fermentation takes place with maceration on the skins. The Sciacchetrà 2015 aged for about 3 years before being bottled.




    GRAPES: Bosco (mainly), Albarola and Vermentino (small percentage)

    COLOUR & BOUQUET: brilliant, amber color, fascinating aroma of dry fruits (figs and apricot) and caramel notes

    TASTE: The sip is excellent, great freshness to balance the sweetness, great body

    FOOD PAIRINGS: dried fruits (nuts) or dry pastries.   

    ALCOHOL: 14 % vol.

    YEAR: 2015

    I Magnati - Cinque Terre Sciacchetra' 2015