• This box contains:


    • Artisanal Trofie (a typical pasta type of Liguria) 500 gr
    • Pesto ligure 180 gr
    • Sun-dried tomatoes in olive oil 180 gr
    • Taggiasche olives in brine 300 gr
    • Italian EVO oil 
    • Honey selection from Cinque Terre (3 pcs x 40gr )
    • Typical Ligurian Biscuits
    • Cinque Terre Doc white wine - Nessun Dorma edition
    • Red wine 
    • Sciacchetrà Cinque terre Doc (passito wine) - Nessun Dorma edition
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    The most traditional Ligurian sauce prepared only with selected products: fresh basil leaves, evo oil, pecorino cheese, pine—nuts, garlic and salt. Contains no dyes, or preservatives. This sauce is ready to marry most dish of the Ligurian tradition as: trofie, trenette, croxetti or to add more flavor to a vegetable soup.



    The olive trees together the vineyards are the more rappresentative elements of the agriculture landscape of Cinque Terre and Liguria. The olives are used to produce the evo oil or they are preserved in brine to be tasted at the moment of the “aperitivo” or to be added at several cook recipes. They are preserved in brine: a combination of water and salt plus aromatic herbs.



    The tomatoes are picked up in July and let dry under the summer sun and the sea breeze. They are ready to be served as appetizer or as tasty addition to many dish preparations.



    Trofie are the traditional pasta of Liguria region. Their preparation is very easy: only tiepid water and durum wheat flour. The perfect pairing is with pesto sauce. The traditional recipe suggests to cook trofie in salty boiling water for 20 minutes with 2 potatoes and some green beans. Then the trofie have to be dressed with pesto sauce and the potatoes and green beans sliced.



    ACACIA HONEY: light colored with delicate aroma and restorative properties. Also suitable for children. Perfect to sweeten tea or herbal tea or to pair with fresh or medium aged cheese.


    CHESTNUT HONEY: dark amber color with a pleasant bitter aftertaste. This honey is rich in mineral salts and it aids proper functioning of the body. Perfect to pair with hard cheese with a strong taste.


    WILDFLOWERHONEY: dark orange color, thick with an intense aroma. It aids to relieve seasonal allergies. Perfect as sugar substitute or good at breakfast, spread on a slice of bread or added to a bowl of yogurt and walnuts.

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