Prima Terra winery is located in the province of La Spezia and it is managed by the winemaker Walter de Battè. Walter has been making wine for years and has won several prizes.


Certainly the wines of Walter De Battè are born from a refined mental and philosophical research; they change over time, giving to you a pure pleasure while tasting them.


Harmoge means “harmony” in the arcaic latin. The wine is the result of two 70 years old vineyards.

The maceration on the grape skins last for 4/5 days. Then tonneau, leaving the must on the skin “sur lie” with frequent “battonage”.


CLASSIFICATION: white wine  

GRAPES: Bosco (40%), Vermentino (40%), Albarola (20%)

COLOUR & BOUQUET: golden yellow with bright amber tints; complex and delicate aromas of candied fruits, aromatic and balsamic herbs, resin, flint and saltiness

TASTE: rich, smooth and fresh, rich in mineral aromas, with light tannins on the finish

FOOD PAIRINGS: risotto with seafood, fish soup with tomatoes

ALCOHOL: 13,5 % vol.

YEAR: 2015


To enjoy this artisanal wine at its best, we recommend you to let it 'breathe' at least 15-30 minutes before serving. If you are not drinking it immediately, you can cellar it for over 5 years!