Azienda Agricola Luciano Capellini, Volastra (Manarola).


The aim of this winemaker is to preserve the bonds with the Cinque Terre wine tradition. 

To produce this wine: the grapes are gently crushed and separated from the stalk and placed in a barrel for 24 hours. The subsequent pressing is carried out with a press at a controlled pressure. Once selected, the must is left to ferment without the addition of yeasts. Batonage operations are periodically carried out during the refinement phase of the wine. Towards June, after the last natural fermentation, the wine goes to the bottling. 



GRAPES: Bosco, Albarola and Vermentino

COLOUR & BOUQUET: The color is straw yellow tending to golden, lively and brilliant. The nose is fresh with a good intensity of saltiness notes.

TASTE: On the palate it is dry, sapid and of good freshness; pleasant bitter aftertaste. Good structure and persistence.

FOOD PAIRINGS: It goes perfectly with fish, fish soup, stewed anchovies but also white meats prepared with aromatic herbs. Excellent with sautéed mushrooms and medium-aged cheeses.

ALC/VOL: Alcol: 14 % vol.

YEAR: 2018 



Credists: Luciano Capellini 


Cinque terre Doc - Capellini