• This wine is produced by Bartolo Lercari, winemaker of Vernazza.

    After his retirement as professor at University of Pisa, he decided to come back to Vernazza for restoring all his fields and buy new ones. Bartolo, together his wife Lise Bertram, cleaned an entire hill: from woods to vineyards. The result is breathtaking. Their effort enormous. Feel their love for the territory when you taste their wines!


    Sciacchetrà is the passito wine produced only in Cinque Terre. It has a thousand-year-old story. The production method has been taught from father to son and still nowadays the wine makers respect its tradition. Meticulous selection of grapes during the harvest; the grapes dry naturally for one month hung on the ceiling of the cellar; then the grapes are destemmed manually. Fermentation takes place with maceration on the skins. The Sciacchetrà has to age at least 20 months before been bottled.



    GRAPES: Bosco (mainly), Albarola e Vermentino (small percentage)

    COLOUR & BOUQUET: brilliant, gold yellow, fascinating aroma of honey, dry fruits (figs) and a light vanilla flavor.

    TASTE: very consistent in the palate, round and smooth, the aftertaste is dry (NO sickly sweet)

    FOOD PAIRINGS: dried fruit (nuts) or dry pastries.  

    ALCOHOL: 14 % vol.

    YEAR: 2016

    Cheo - Cinque Terre Sciacchetra' 2016


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