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Create your own (Christmas) happiness!

10 days to Christmas! And this year it will be for sure an unusual Holiday Season! So what can we do for not loosing the magic atmosphere of this period?

We are going to reveal our secret. When we are a little off, there is only one solution! Eat and drink properly! In Italy we say: “se il lavoro e tutto il resto vanno male, il corpo non deve patire”. In other words: “If work and other stuff in your life are not going well…the body must not suffer!”. So this means to nourish your body with the food and drink that make you to feel better.

So what?

Start to create your own (Christmas) happiness!

Choose among 21 artisanal local products to make your own Nessun Dorma Box and to celebrare Christmas following the Italian Tradition (eat, drink, play Tombola and repeat!). You can find our main specialities as PESTO, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, Cinque Terre white WINE… but also EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL produced by a local farm or the JAM prepared with 85% of fruits (figs, grapes and apples from Monterosso) or the dry FOCACCIA and the PANETTONE baked by a local shop… More drinks as the LIMONCINO produced with lemons of Monterosso, the red wine from Tuscany and the PROSECCO.

Since November 15th we have sold 20 Nessun Dorma Memories boxes and satisfied the palate and the belly of about 40 customers!

What our customers say:

"I had the pleasure of dining at Nessun Dorma last year - the most magical experience of my life - and receiving this box brought me right there".

"Couldn't have asked for a better experience box. You won't be disappointed wether this is your first time experiencing their products". (read more reviews here)

In the last 30 Memories Boxes we'll add, as a gift, our personalized postcard of Manarola and the Nessun Dorma Bag.

Find the perfect way to celebrate Christmas...

Follow the Italian Tradition: eat, drink, play Tombola and repeat! 😉

How to create your (Christmas) happiness?

  1. Go on our online store:

  2. Click on “Nessun Dorma Memories Box

  3. Choose among the 21 selected products your favourite ones: max. 8 food products and max. 2 drinks including Limoncino

  4. Write the name and the quantity of the products you selected in the text box

  5. Then click on “add to cart” and complete the payment

  6. Prepare your belly (and the table)! :)

If you like, share with us your Christmas moments, recipes, dreams, photos…soon we’ll share ours.

Buon Natale! 🎄

Photo Credits: @laurainkphoto @cinqueterreitaly

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