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We are at home, but we can keep in touch

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Ciao! We are Simone and Sara,

the ones from Nessun Dorma (bar and wine shop), in Manarola, Cinque Terre.

In this moment we are safe and sound in our homes but we keep thinking of you and our best time spent together! You know us, we love sharing with you our local traditions and stories, food and wine and we can’t wait to do it again with even more passion and happiness.

How are you? What are your feelings?

In these days, we are probably living one of the most difficult times of our entire life, but if we stay together although far we can better overcome this awful moment.

For this reason we have decided to write you to make you feel closer to us.

We started years ago with a simple idea: let people enjoy and experience our place in an authentic way. Few tables and chairs, fresh food and good wine.

This dream came true thanks to you!

We can’t stop working. We really want to offer you the best experience ever when we’ll finally hug each other again! We are thinking about doing even more for our land and traditional heritage: we would like to become wine producers to contribute firsthand to the maintenance of our fragile landscape and to carry on the wine tradition in Cinque Terre. No only business but first of all love for this little part of the world and for our job.

Reply to this email with your thoughts, dreams, inspirations: we’ll be very happy to hear your voice and get back to you.

We can use this time to get better, to have more time for us and for our beloveds, to take care more of what it’s really important, to reconnect with nature and its timing. Surely at the end of this phase we won’t be the same people we were before but we’ll change in better.

We leave you with this sentence that we honestly love:

"Hope is a bit like yeast, it makes your soul enlarge; there are difficult moments in life, but with hope the soul goes on and looks at what awaits us".


A big virtual hug!

Simone & Sara

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