We started in 2014.


This place was empty for long time. Just one chair and a table close the gate used to get inspiration for everyone.

Listening Nessun Dorma, the name of a beautiful song from the Opera Turandot by Pavarotti, the best Italian tenor. In front of us the colorful houses of Manarola.

This has been the beginning of our dream. 








From the first day we are proud to prepare food for all the world. Guests from America, Australia, China and New Zealand come in our place just to eat a simple bruschetta with pomodoro or and Aperol Spirtz.

Honestly all type of works are stressful and hard, even if you have the best sea-view of the world.

The only way to keep nice and easy your work is the smile and the passion.


Yes! We work with a big smile


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36 Hour in the Cinque Terre - CLIFFSIDE COCKTAILS, 6 P.M.

A strenuous hike ought to culminate with rest and a reward, both of which can be procured at Nessun Dorma. This casual outdoor bar, which opened in 2014, occupies a landscaped terrace on a promontory overlooking Manarola’s timeless vista: pastel houses perched on a cliff, fishing boats in a small harbor, tanned teenagers diving off the breakwater into the indigo sea. Claim a table in the gardenlike seating area and order a limoncino spritz, a refreshing riff on the classic that mixes the local lemon liqueur with prosecco and mint in a glass jam jar (8 euros, or about $9).


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A breathtaking landscape, that of a terrace overlooking the sea of ​​Manarola.

A dream location, the Nessun Dorma Wine Bar is the perfect place to have a drink with friends or loved one and enjoy one of the many bruschetta that make up the culinary, immersed in a sea of ​​nature among the green of the territoryand the cobalt blue sea below, in front of a sunset that ignites the sky with its unique shades. A terrace, clinging to the rock, which is developed on the headland of Punta Bonfiglio and highlights the scenic wonders of one of the most valuable areas of Liguria, became UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997.


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Watch the sunset at Nessun Dorma Bar.

Walk down to the Nessun Dorma Bar and order yourself cocktail, sit back and relax! The food is simple but it’s full of fresh, flavoursome ingredients. We had a huge cheese and meat platter to share but there are bruschetta and salads available too!